The Hobbit (The Book) VERSUS The Hobbit (The 1977 Animated Movie)

A fantasy book is a way to make us see something we had never previously imagined. New worlds, new rules, and new magic permeate in a way that leaves us breathless a great deal of the time. And in terms of fantasy, none are more revered than the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien. Through a decisive and broad stroke, his worlds have become so fleshed out to us that it is hard to imagine a world without them. With his first foray into Middle-Earth in “The Hobbit,” we became so incredibly engrossed with his story that it’s hard to say we ever left. And although many films of his have been made, few truly exhibit his goals. And in comparison and contrast, Rankin-Bass’s classic retelling makes us sing, dance, and truly feel.

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— Which do YOU prefer, The Hobbit book or The Hobbit (1977) Animated Film? Be sure to tell us now!
— Do YOU think Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy tells a fuller story than the 1977 animated feature? We Want To Know 
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