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A podcast network that’s been around for more than a 15 years, requires a stout feed to hold it all in place for everyone to enjoy. This buffet of perspective is the RSS Feed of The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network featuring the most-diverse library of podcast content available! Enjoy the ride, and share all of the perspectives with your friends and family!

Get Help When Domestic Abuse Impacts You

  While the modern news cycle will feature the words “domestic abuse” & “domestic violence” often, what can people DO when an incident occurs to make sure they are safe and stay safe? 20+year Police Dispatcher Lisa Moore provides details that will help anyone that is having or has had domestic violence impact their life … Continue reading Get Help When Domestic Abuse Impacts You

You MUST Have Comprehensive Shownotes for Each and Every Episode of Your Podcast

You MUST Have Comprehensive Shownotes…

  There are many must-dos inside the arena of Podcasting, however one is emboldened inside all of our Podcasting Brains tonite.  “What might it be…” you ask? Well – “You MUST have comprehensive shownotes for each and every episode of your podcast.” That’s the focus of this episode of The Podcast Gauntlet.   The ultimate success … Continue reading You MUST Have Comprehensive Shownotes…

Get Interviewed on The CHARGErForward Podcast!

Get Your Business Reviewed & More with CHARGEr Forward!

  Connect & Interact with CHARGEr Forward! …or Fill Out the Form Below!   You’re already sharing photos, experiences and stories with a LOT of people to grow your business. What kind of response have you gotten? If your social media efforts are non-existent or have flat-lined, it’s time to connect with a completely outside-the-box … Continue reading Get Your Business Reviewed & More with CHARGEr Forward!