Why a Podcast?

There are thousands of ways to “spend your money and time online.”  There are two questions that you need to be asking yourself:

“Why On EARTH Would I Consider A Podcast?”

Regardless of your reason “why,” the bottom line is that you are made up of unique experiences, skill sets, passions, and more that are —>YOUR<—perspective. Something that no one else has and never will.


“What Is A Podcast?”

It’s got a series of paragraph-long explanations, but there is one true definition that has always driven the efforts at 2GUysTalking:


“A Podcast = Captured Perspective”

With 2GuysTalking guiding you, we will create the best possible, quality platform to help you collect audience/listeners for whatever your program is about.

Whether it’s the review of a certain television or feature film series, whether it’s showcasing your professional skill sets and knowledge to customers via elements we help you create for your website/online presence, or anything in between, 2GuysTalking uses its always-growing, always-educational skill sets to help you make the best possible product you’ll need to realize and execute your plans for success.


“Branding, Messaging & Knowledge That Lasts Forever”

You are ONE person. Your staff has limitations based on workplace guidelines. Wouldn’t it be cool if you had an always-ready solder, 24-7-365, ready to answer questions, convey knowledge, and show people who YOU are – even while you sleep? Podcasting is that soldier. When you receive the training, information, and guidance from 2GuysTalking, you, your organization, your company, or your effort will have a tool that conveys answers, solicits questions, and engages the people you want.

Are YOU ready to change how you and/or your business connect with people interested in learning more about what you want to tell them? Contact The Podcast Professionals at 2GuysTalking today and start learning more about how valuable your “Captured Perspective” will be to you, your effort/business, and the people who have years to learn why they will benefit from your skill sets.

Thanks for visiting 2GuysTalking! We hope to hear what YOU think of our content and the crafted legacies, and we are eager to receive your input.