Green Interiors – a Visit with Erica Reiner from E. Leigh Designs


Click Here to Play This Episode of The Green Gab Podcast Now!Erica Reiner with E. Leigh Designs, specializes in eco-friendly and non-toxic interior designs for every style and budget. Owner and creator of the Los Angeles based, interior design studio, Erica formed her business to help people create ideal residential, retail and commercial spaces. Because of her environmental expertise she made a targeted and purposeful effort to green her design business by researching and specializing in products, materials, furniture and accessories that are better for people’s health and the environment. Erica’s goal is to, “show that conscious consumerism is a beautiful thing.”

Erica values the importance of being available and accessible to many kinds of people. She does this by providing on-line design packages which allows her to work with people in commercial, retail and residential projects all over the world. She feels her job as an on-line design professional is to set the client up for success by asking the right questions, doing the research, sourcing and procuring on-line products, teaching proper measuring techniques and instructing them through the installation process. Erica notes that by not having to be on location, it keeps costs down, which opens the door for so many more people to be able to afford her design services. It’s easy to see that Erica is not just about eco-friendly home consulting, but through the intersection of great design, sustainability and good business, Erica helps clients transform spaces that reflect their identities, vision or branding without compromising on style or quality.

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Marla is an NAHB Master Certified Green Professional, LEED AP and Missouri Woman Business Enterprise. She Earned her B.S. in Engineering and Public Policy and a Certificate in Energy from Washington University.

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