Field of Dreams (1989) – A Perspective Review


Baseball certainly isn’t the same game it was even 5 years ago. If we go back to 10 years ago, rule changes, personalities and focuses on “enhancements” changed the game to be sure. If we travel back 20 years, we’ll see how salaries have clearly evolved, how roles changed completely across the board and how owners have become legends – both revered and reviled. Who’d have thought that now almost 30 years later, a tiny little baseball movie, featuring a bunch of ghosts, a farm, and a game of catch Ray Kinsella never had – would be the focus of a Perspective Review? 1989’s FIeld of Dreams offers a little bit of something – to everyone. While a “ghost” story, the only thing you’ll think is “scary” about this movie is your inability to walk past a screen it’s playing on – and keep on walking. Join 2 baseball zealots who detail The Hype, The Money, The Good, The Bad, The Franchise and The Rating of a one of a kind, round-the-bases trip – Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Kostner…

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