E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) – A Perspective Review

The Night Sky has always held wonder. Stars in every conceivable corner. Flickers of light that not everyone can explain. The potential of there being something OTHER – than “US” out there. The concepts and sights make the mind reel. When I as 12, I SAW my first alien – albeit on a silver screen but – there – it – was. In 1982, Director Steven Speilberg took us on a journey that continues to transport viewers – old AND new, to highs, feelings and memories that trip the night fantastic. This – is the Perspective Review of Steven Spielberg’s ET: The Extraterrestrial – 1982 – a look back at 40 years of imagination – via WhatCopsWatch.Com – on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network…


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Elliot & ET Riding Across the Nite Sky - The Illuminated Moon behind them is a GIANT PLAY Button - The ET Perspective Review

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— A Call for Input: The value of ET: The Extra-Terrestrial is truly a perpetual thing. Depending on your age, favorite program and “perspective” – we know that you’ll have questions about the movie, our opinions and concepts we haven’t even thought of. Contact us today to tell us more about what you think now!

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Calls to the Audience Inside this Episode:

— What Do YOU Remember was the Cost for Movie Tickets to See E.T. – in 1982? Tell us now?

— Where DID YOU SEE ET: The Extra-Terrestrial? Tell us now?

— How Much Money did YOU think ET has Made over the years? Tell us now?

— Which Do YOU Prefer – Reese’s Pieces OR M&Ms? Vote on the POLL or contact us! Tell us now?

— what kind of Bus Stop experiences did YOU have? Tell us now?

— Are YOUR kids dissecting things in school? WHAT are they dissecting? Tell us now?

— Did YOU have your childhood neighborhood memorized when you were a kid? Tell us now?

— What did YOu think was good about ET: The Extra-Terrestrial? Tell us now?

— What did YOU think was BAD about ET: The Extra-Terrestrial? Tell us now?

— Do YOU think there should have been a sequel to ET? Tell us now?

— We’re always on the hunt for new ideas and feedback. Ready to have YOUR input used inside one of our “All-Fan-Input” episodes? Tell us now?

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