Avengers (2012) – A Perspective Review


The concept of a “Superhero Team” had been thought about, drawn up, and shown to human eyes millions of times and satisfied every eye that saw them – on the written comic book page. When you talk about live-action television and feature films well – “Superhero Team” efforts, especially ones worth their salt when it comes to quality, care and polish well – they’re few and far between to be sure. As Marvel’s Cinematic Universe continued to build it’s stand-alone, but still-in-the-family-of-characters collection of hero films, the rumors and whispers of what everyone hoped to be grand was everywhere. The Avengers. While there are many other Superhero Teams that we’ve described and reviewed in Perspective Review, The Avengers change everyone’s perspective when it comes to cash earning power, quality and stackability when it comes to conjuring the comic book page directly to the silver screen. Be sure to listen to our Perspective Review, detailing The Hype, The Money, The Good, The Bad, The Franchise, and ultimately The Rating of Marvel’s Avengers (2012).

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— A Call for Input: The value of Marvel’s Avengers (and really, the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe) is truly a perpetual thing. Depending on your age, favorite program and “perspective” – we know that you’ll have questions about the movie, our opinions and concepts we haven’t even though of. Contact us today to tell us more about what you think now!

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— Where did YOU see Marvel’s Avengers? Tell us now?

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