Talk About Terrifying – You Got Your Zombie In My Peanut Butter!


There’s something frightening about trends. One day, it’s just a random blip on your social media news feed. The next day, everyone is dumping buckets of ice water on themselves while they try on flesh colored leggings and chewing on packets of laundry soap. Once a trend gets going, it’s almost impossible to stop. Much like a hoard of flesh craving zombies! Since 2004, with the release of the hit film Shaun of the Dead, the zombie trend has been growing. No longer are the living dead just for horror fans, these rotting corpses are on your televisions, in your reading materials and eating your neighbors! And just like asking a person if they know who Scooby-Doo or Mickey Mouse are, the average person can not only tell you WHAT a zombie is, but give you their (mostly horrible) impression of how one walks! As the mob of flesh eaters bang endlessly on your doors, 2GuysTalkingHorror is here to help navigate YOU through the good, the bad and the rotting when it comes to zombies in pop culture.

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