The Future

2GuysTalking helped to pioneer the perpetual promotional platform that Podcasting has become and well – it’s good to have been one of the first – but there are MANY other podcasts, podcasters and creators of podcasts out there. Are YOU going to get in the game? Still not sure why you should?

“There Is No Better Avenue For Sharing Your Brand And Expertise Than A Podcast. Listeners Get To Know, Like And Trust You Because You Bring Value To Their Lives Through This Intimate Medium That Puts You – Literally – In Their Ears.

Those of us working in and around The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network have been talking about and creating “the Future” of Podcasting for a long time. It’s not easy to convince people of the popularity and future acceptance of a promotional medium but all things that come to the best fruition – take time. Now, with more than 50 fully-developed, always-educational programs being showcased, it’s easy to understand the long-term, impactful presence of podcasting. Have you checked out our catalog of programs? Have you seen the listing of the sponsors that we’ve been able to acquire of the years? Are you ready to take your initial concept to a group of experienced podcasters and podcast promotional opinions? Are you ready to change the way you think of your “little show” and begin to pave a bright future for your content? Still not sure why?

24% Of Americans Listen To Podcasts On A Regular Basis. With The Explosion Of Distribution Channels Like Smart Phones, Cars, And The Amazon Echo – This Number Can Only Increase Over The Next Few Years.

Take just a moment to contact The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network today to begin discovering how your initial inspiration can become a driving, monetized force that can take your already-developed skill sets and turn them into your true passion.

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