A Review of the SAC (Standardized Assessment of Concussion) — Brain Injury Awareness Month



We are back to finish out Brain Injury Awareness Month looking at another component of the SCAT6. Today we are going to tackle what I consider to be the “OG” version of the SCAT, otherwise known as the SAC, or the Standardized Assessment of Concussion. We certainly love acronyms in sports medicine, don’t we? Let’s take the deep dive.


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Timestamps from this Episode:

00:00 SAC is a standardized assessment for concussion. It was developed after the publication of guidelines by the American Academy of Neurology, Colorado Medical Society, and Cantu guidelines. These guidelines included individual grading scales and led to the development of the SAC tool for evaluation.

05:41 Comparison of concussion assessment in athletes using orientation and Maddox questions; follow-up study by McCray and others.

08:55 Concussed athletes showed significant differences in SAC scores compared to uninjured controls, particularly in orientation, immediate memory, concentration, and delayed recall.

11:21 Study examines recovery time for football player concussions.

17:11 Females perform better than males in sports studies, with some factors like concussion history, learning disabilities, ADHD, and native language affecting performance.

23:32 Questioning the effectiveness and interpretation of SCAT 2, particularly in the absence of a baseline for comparison and concerns over false assumptions based on norms.

24:49 Evolution of SCAT from 2 to 5

29:44 Tool for concussion assessment updated with modifications.

31:12 Dr. Halstead’s invites future participation in podcast.


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