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A podcast network that’s been around for more than a 15 years, requires a stout feed to hold it all in place for everyone to enjoy. This buffet of perspective is the RSS Feed of The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network featuring the most-diverse library of podcast content available! Enjoy the ride, and share all of the perspectives with your friends and family!

2GuysTalkingCrypto: Mastercard & Bakkt Create a Crypto Team-Up - What Now?

Mastercard & Bakkt Create a Crypto Team-Up – What Now?

Everyone has known from day one, that what Cryptocurrencies would need is a wider adoption, allowing more people to toss money into the pool to make the water sweeter, more enticing and filled with the ability to grow. Well, Mastercard, along with the one-two crypto-punch of Bakkt, looks to be contributing to the adoption equation … Continue reading Mastercard & Bakkt Create a Crypto Team-Up – What Now?

What IS the U-Factor of a Window? The Home Improvement Encyclopedia

What IS The U-Factor of a Window? Get Educated Now!

There are so many variables when it comes to windows, your home, and making sure you understand it all. Dave & Jeff – from Energy View Home Improvements, and hosts of The Home Improvement Encyclopedia Podcast are here to share the details about one of the most important aspects of new windows in your home: … Continue reading What IS The U-Factor of a Window? Get Educated Now!

The Monster Squad (1987) Perspective Review

As children of the 80’s, our imaginations propelled us into great adventures. Fighting against a Galactic Empire in a galaxy far, far away? Yep. Learning to “Never Say Die” as we hunt for pirate treasure through booby trapped caves? Of course. Throwing on our proton packs, crossing the streams and saving the world? Do you … Continue reading The Monster Squad (1987) Perspective Review

2GuysTalking Crypto – Let’s Go!

The world of cryptocurrency isn’t getting any smaller. It’s not a fad. It is a growing, living industry with facets of all kinds – if you’re willing to learn about them. What are YOU doing to learn about crypto today? Join Mike Wilkerson, and a growing number of co-hosts, visitors, thought leaders and more as … Continue reading 2GuysTalking Crypto – Let’s Go!

Christine (1983) – A Perspective Review

  The color – Red. The Make – Plymouth. The value – Awesome. In 1983 there were a lot of big things goin’ on. Hair. Neon colored clothes. The expectations of your woodshop instructor. The other big thing that was going on, during the summer of 1983 – was a little movie, about a really … Continue reading Christine (1983) – A Perspective Review

Curious Goods Podcast - Season 3, Episode 13, Midnight Riders

Our Review Of “Midnight Riders” – Season 3, Episode 13

  It’s not often that a love story involves planets, motorcycle gangs and resurrected family members, but – there’s always a first time for everything. Inside this episode of Friday The 13th: The Series, we’re introduced to “The Midnight Riders” – an MC that provides us with stories, action and – tales of the undead? It’s time … Continue reading Our Review Of “Midnight Riders” – Season 3, Episode 13