Presidential Bio: George Washington (GW) – The 1st President of The United States


We all know about the American Revolution. Did you know that George Washington didn’t become the American President until 1789? That’s a long time (from 1776) for an entire country to be “floating”.

After the Treaty of Paris was signed, while the Revoluntionary War was over, we created the Articles of Confederation (1777). With Congress as a toothless organization, we as a nation finally realized that we needed to band together and create a structure for the country and move forward. At that point, the nation was looking for someone to rally the country.

The man that would be the centerpiece for “The President”, would – unbeknownst to him, literally as he discussed and helped to organize the structure – be George Washington.

He’s the focus of this episode of The Presidential Bio Podcast on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network…

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