Our 101: Why This Program Exists…


There are MANY things inside The Podcast Gauntlet that feature numbers. While ALL of them will be talked about, one of the most vital “numbers” in the existence of a podcast, is “The 101” – the program that details why it exists.

OG Podcaster Mike Wilkerson, owner of The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network, & Top Tier Audio owner Bryan Entzminger launch their Podcast industry discussion program with this episode. Their goal?

To put ALL of the “requirements”, “benchmarks”, “hallmarks” & “you must do this or you will FAIL”s under a focused, experiential microscope – and discuss.

This is YOUR CHANCE to Throw-Down, Discuss, Rise & Shine inside The Podcast industry. Are YOU ready to take on The Podcast Gauntlet?

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Links & Information from this Episode of The Podcast Gauntlet:

— What IS The “101” Program? It is the “ground-up education building block” that allows people to get a great snapshot of not only the hosts of the program, but also about why the program exists…

— OG Podcaster: Old Guard/Original Gangsta’ Podcaster

24Podcast.Com: An Hour-By-Hour Review of the Hit Fox Show, “24”

2GuysTalking.Com: The (First?) Original Podcast Content Network

VoiceFarmers.Com: A Voiceover Artist Academy & Service Business: “Make Money with Your Voice!”

EditorCorps.Com: A Podcast Editing Academy & Service Business – “Make YOUR Podcast Soar with The Editor Corps”

— MG Podcaster: A Mid-Guard Podcaster

The Engaging Missions Podcast: Interviewing & Sharing Missionaries & Church Planners – Check it out!

Top Tier Audio: Helping small business and non-profit leaders produce high quality #podcasts to establish authority, create connections, and build relationships.

Podcast Editor Mastermind (via Facebook): Connect with them TODAY!

— “Being a Podcaster/Participating Inside a Podcast, will give you a different appreciation of providing Podcast Support Services…”

How to Optimize Your Podcast Editing Workflow, Fire Clients, and Launch New Businesses: A Discussion with Mike WIlkerson via The Podcaster Editor’s Mastermind

The Podcast Chemistry Set: The finding of ideas, personnel and ideas that conjure valuable perspective. It’s the most-valuable people piece of what you’ll find in podcasting.

Tell us What YOU Think! We’ll use your input and feedback inside a future “ALL-FAN Input” Episode!

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==== Webcams:

The Lumina AI Webcam: https://amzn.to/3LzqIKy

==== Microphones:

— Mike: The Sure MV7: https://amzn.to/3MyCHcO

Heil PR 40: https://amzn.to/3yNsUeI

— Bryan: The Lewitt LELCT440P LCT 440 Pure: https://amzn.to/3sNSU5X

==== Headphones:

— Mike: Raycon Everyday Earbuds: https://amzn.to/3MC0h8r

Cyber Acoustics AC-5002: https://amzn.to/39CEWNo

— Bryan: ATH-M30x: https://amzn.to/3sNSU5X

==== Interfaces:

— Mike: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) https://amzn.to/3wvbtOB

— Bryan: Rodecaster Pro:

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The Podcast Gauntlet: Our 101 – Why This Podcast Exists:


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— Connecting with Mike & Bryan: You’ll always find something new to talk about inside the Podcast industry. What do YOU want us to talk about that’ll help guide you to the next level inside of Podcasting?  Fill out the quick web form here and make your voice count

Calls to the Audience Inside this Episode:

— What do YOU know about Podcasting?  Tell us now!
— What has made you the most excited about the realm of Podcasting?  Tell us now!

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The Hosts of this Program:

Mike Wilkerson - Content Generator & Creator of The 2GuysTalking Podcast NetworkMike Wilkerson: Mike Wilkerson is a former certified Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf, then a Marketing Automation Director for a large St. Louis-based Computer company and now conjures content of all kinds for a growing client listing across the nation. Mike has been hosting, producing, concepting and enhancing podcasts since 2005. While his interests are definitively pop culture-based, the bottom line is: It’s ALL About Perspective. Whether it’s being captured inside of one of Mike’s Podcast Capture Studios (based in the St. Louis area) inside the coming-soon “Micro Audio Podcast Capture Studios” (MPACS) or via The Podcast Bug: A 1974 custom Superbeetle with a recording studio built inside of it – Podcasting is Captured  Perspective. Be sure to contact Mike with questions about podcasting, about the many programs he hosts or about the other programs that populate The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.

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— 2GuysTalking on LinkedIn



Bryan Entzminger - Host from The Podcast Gauntlet - Owner: Top Tier AudioBryan Entzminger: Bryan Entzminger is the owner of Top Tier Audio, a podcast production company. He’s also the founder of the Hindy Users (Unofficial) group for Hindenburg users on Facebook, and a co-host of Podcast Editors Mastermind — a podcast focused on the business side of podcast editing. He loves sharing the lessons he’s learned from his struggles and others he’s met along the way so that you can have a podcast that you’re proud of without letting editing take over your life.

— Bryan Entzminger on Facebook
— Bryan Entzminger on LinkedIn
— Bryan Entzminger Via Top Tier Audio