Tom Corley Knows the Habits of the Rich


What do you think of when I say “Rich”?

Are you thinking of your friend Richard? Maybe your mind wandered to the image of sticking your finger into a container of thick, creamy chocolate icing?

Chances are, since you are listening to a show about personal finances, you are thinking about money. LOTS of money.

So let me ask you another question: If you could talk to a millionaire for 5 minutes, what would you ask?

What is the next hot stock?
Where should I invest my money?
Would you ask them about their Rich Habits?

Today’s guest studied over 200 self-made millionaires for 4 years and learned a lot. He also interviewed 128 poor people and discovered that wealth isn’t necessarily something you are born with and you didn’t have to scam people out of their money.

Tom’s most surprising statistic:

88% of the rich read self-education or career/business material a day.

Compare that to the poor: Many of them said they read but only 2% read self-help or self-education type materials. Overall, 79% of the poor who read said they do it strictly for entertainment.

Not only do self-made millionaires read, they listen to more audiobooks and podcasts. This is mobile learning and multi-tasking.

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