History Of The Mighty Crusaders – Episode 2 – “Too Many Superheroes!”



You’ve heard of The Avengers.  The Justice League. The X-Men, Teen Titans, Guardians of the Galaxy, Defenders, The Legion of Superheroes.  Even The Watchmen. But what if we told you that there was another team of colorfully clad heroes that you’ve never heard of who are equally as influential to comic books and the industry as a whole?  Who is this mystery team, you ask? Archie Comics very own stable of masked heroes; The Mighty Crusaders!

Join us now for part two of our special five part mini-series where we dive into the first revival of the MLJ characters with Mighty Comics, investigate the strange way they both influenced and were influenced by the early Marvel Comics and discover how The Mighty Crusaders were formed in a budding industry with “Too Many Superheroes”!

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— None in this Episode!

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Calls to the Audience Inside this Episode:

— Do YOU have any insight into why “The Double Life Of Private Strong” didn’t have The Shield in its title? We Want To Know!

— Do YOU know why the early Silver Age Crusaders titles were published under the banner of Radio Comics?  Tell us now!

— Do YOU know who the artists were for the Silver Age MLJ characters? Share YOUR Thoughts With Us!

— What characters were YOU most impressed with during this first relaunching of the MLJ heroes and villains?? Give Us YOUR View

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As his teenage years turned to adulthood, Sean found a deep love for pop culture. Taking part in role-playing games, cosplaying as his favorite characters at conventions, Sean even worked at a comic book shop for over a decade. His need to absorb geek culture and fun facts earned him the nickname Smurphy. A fun-loving and sometimes socially clueless podcaster, Smurphy is eager to pass on all he knows and then some.

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