Cut The Crap Movie Review – Halloween (2018)


In the age of reboots, remakes and reimaginings, a very crucial piece of storytelling is, most of the time, overlooked…Legacy. When writers and filmmakers ignore the legacy of the horror property they intend to “refresh”, the end product usually ends up a rehash of an old story with updated effects. That’s NOT what fans want!

The only reason to re-anything is to improve upon the original by adding something creatively new, while still respecting the source. But sometimes too much respect of the original leaves you trapped in a box with no room for creativity because you are so focused on adhering to the decades and decades of material that has come before. You dare not change the formula because change is scary, especially for horror fans. We don’t want to see the same thing over and over and over again…do we?

How do you respect legacy without destroying it? Do you cater to the fans? Do you kneel at the alter of nostalgia? Do you risk it all and try something…new?

A film has arrived that has divided horror fans because it both respects the legacy of the franchise and spits in its face! That film is Halloween 2018. Prepare to take a trip along the multiple highways of continuity as 2GuysTalkingHorror explain the legacy of Michael Myers and share our thoughts on his big screen return during this Cut The Crap Movie Review!

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