Chemicals Vs. Oils…


Click Here to Play This Episode of The Green Gab Podcast Now!Do you know what you’re bringing into your home and how those chemicals are affecting your health, cognitive ability, and endocrine system? Most of us don’t even think about it. But many of the products you use at home are doing your family a disservice.

Recently, there’s been a movement toward plant-based science and the medicinal nature of our foods and herbs, and it all ties into essential oils. Since the beginning of time, we’ve lived off the land. And essential oils are of the land. Whether we ingest them, use them topically, or diffuse them, we’re not putting anything foreign into our bodies. The body welcomes essential oils, which do an incredible job of boosting the immune system and helping to fight off free radicals. Truly, they are an incredible wellness tool.

What makes essential oils better than just using the native herb or plant? As Rhonda points out, herb must be dead and dried to be of use. Alternatively, essential oils are extracted from the plants in a steam distillation, while the plant is still alive. They are truly the essence of the plant. And that means the antioxidant level is much higher. It’s kind of like comparing canned green beans with fresh.

Essential oils are supplements. They can be used every day to help with the endocrine, upper-respiratory, and digestive systems.

Essential Oils for a Cozy Home

In addition to the health benefits associated with essential oils, they can help create a warm, cozy home. They can take the place of air fresheners, candles, and other canned scents. Just a drop of two of essential oils can be added to water in a diffuser, making it a cozy home and a healthy environment.

Plus, ailments disappear by getting rid of those artificial scents. That’s because we absorb all of the chemicals in them through our pores and by breathing them in. With essential oils, however, you continue to breathe clean air—while still enjoying lovely scents. And no chemicals.

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