Batmobiles – A Complete & Detailed Review – Which is YOUR Favorite?

The ties of boys (and girls) to cars is something unique. They are unchallenged time machines that take us back to places that make the mind race. Whether it’s 31 Chevy’s, the muscle cars from the 60s and 70s, and even the newest vehicles being developed – they all transport us when they’re seen, ridden in or driven to a different place. Sometimes mentally, but always literally. Today, 2GuysTalking launches, VAULTS almost into a completely new avenue of nostalgia and fandom appreciation as we run through television series and feature films – by way of their memorable vehicles! While there are MANY movies, television shows and more that can be thought of there is one franchise that has vehicles can simply cannot be denied when it comes to icons.
That’s right! It’s time for a complete, detailed and educational review of The Batmobiles from Television and Movies here on The 2GuysTalkingCars Podcast!

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— A Call for Input: The bottom line when it comes to Batmobiles, is that EVERYONE IS RIGHT! Or are they? Stop and take a minute to tell us what YOUR favorite Batmobile is and why and we’ll include YOUR input inside one of our future “All-Fan-Input episodes How can you do that? No need to find the statue/bust and slide down the batpole!  Fill out the form here and make your voice count!

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— A Complete Gallery of ALL Batmobiles to Date! (Prepare for AWESOME!)
— Check out “The Evolution of the Batmobile” Poster!
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— Which is YOUR favorite Batmobile?  Tell us now?
— Who was your favorite Batman? Tell us now?

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