The Negotiator (1998): A Perspective Review

  Talking to people is supposed to be something EASY. Hey, how’s it goin’!? What’cha got planned tonite? Hey, ...

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About WhatCopsWatch.Com

WhatCopsWatch.Com has a very simple straightforward mission: to humanize those behind the badge. We bring on representatives of law enforcement from a variety of skill sets, experience, and perspectives. We talk about what the public sees on television, inside of feature films, and now inside of streaming media. We tell you what’s real, but then what’s also a bunch of Hollywood hogwash.

In doing so, you start to understand the perspective, lives, and humanity of those involved in law enforcement. This is a call to you, to all cops, you first responders, those that have the experience, the perspectives, and legacies to help people understand what they see is real, but also what isn’t. This – is WhatCopsWatch.


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Bald White Man, 50s, in a Leisure Suit Coat, this is Chris DiguiseppiChris DiGiuseppi is an award winning and local bestselling author from his first novel, The Light Bringer and has been traditionally published five times. Chris has over 25 years in Law Enforcement at various levels up to and including Chief of Police. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and Northwestern University School of Police Staff Command. He is trained in various aspects of Law Enforcement and holds degrees in Human Resources and Business Administration. Chris lives with his wife and children in Missouri.


Smiling White Man - This is Mike Wilkerson - from The 2GuysTalking Podcast NetworkMike Wilkerson Is the PodFather of St. Louis, and has been hosting, producing, concepting and enhancing podcasts since 2005. As a professional content creator, Mike has been making and documenting every mistake in the Podcasting industry so you won’t have to when you’re ready to begin. With thousands of of hours of business, marketing and life experience behind and in front of the mic and keyboard, he has created a vibrant and always-growing business tapestry via The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.

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