Cycle Of The Werewolf (The Novella) Versus Silver Bullet (The Film)

Stephen King has a body of work that is ripe for adaptation. Over the decades many of his short stories and novels have been adapted into everything from feature films, television miniseries and even comic books. Depending on their faithfulness to the source material, those adaptations run the gauntlet of being surprisingly good to painfully bad. But what about those adaptations penned by the man himself? There are only a few examples of King being in charge of transferring his work from one medium to another and we here at the Versus Machine are taking advantage of that! Get ready for Cycle Of The Werewolf (the 1983 novella) VERSUS Silver Bullet (the 1985 film)!
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Mike Wilkerson: Mike Wilkerson is a former certified Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf, now Marketing Automation Director for a large St. Louis-based Computer company and has been hosting, producing, concepting and enhancing podcasts for 13 years. While his interests are definitively pop culture-based, the bottom line is: It’s ALL About Perspective. Whether it’s being captured inside of one of Mike’s Podcast Capture Studios (based in St. Louis) inside the coming-soon “Micro Audio Podcast Capture Studios” (MPACS) or via The Podcast Bug: A 1974 custom Superbeetle with a recording studio built inside of it – Podcasting is Captured  Perspective. Be sure to contact Mike with questions about podcasting, about the many programs he hosts or about the other programs that populate The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.

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