Voiceover Services – The Voice Farm

12 years of podcasting has allowed us to “farm” a variety of trusted, quality, talented voiceover artists. They have contributed to efforts of all kinds inside The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network efforts and we hope that you’ll find one of the main “Voice Farmers” that will provide you with regular, quality voiceovers!

“But Are There Women Involved?”

Did you know that women are one of the most sought-after voiceover talents? It’s true! The Voice Farm is filled with a variety of ladies that have contributed to a number of promotional efforts. They are the majority inside the Voice Farm and are always looking for more company to make one of the most well-rounded companies of voiceover artists available on the Internet!


“Will They Read What I Want Them To?”

They sure will! The Voice Farmer’s website is available for you to contact the talent directly to have them read your script, detail and more! They’ve ready demos for years for both our network properties and also for companies and efforts around the world! Check out their website now and tell them that 2GuysTalking sent you!


“So They Read And Do Everything For Free?!?”

That’s right, because everything that’s experienced, quality and available online is FREE!

No, it’s not.

Just like any other product available, nothing is free. You can’t access Amazon to get that needed set of Bluetooth Headphones for free. You can’t log on to New Egg and have a new computer system delivered to you overnight for free. Why would quality product like a voiceover reel where an experienced voiceover artists provides you their rendition of your wanted script cost nothing? We don’t know either!


“I’m Ready To Get The Voiceover I’ve Been Looking For!”

It’s the question too few people ask and The Voice Farm is ready to give you a basket of golden-voiced eggs today! The website has recently been refit and is ready for YOU to “Grow Your Voiceover Career” or to find the best in affordable, quality voiceover services. Check it out now!