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Have you ever wondered how to go about finding a home that has everything you value? It is vital to have a home that supports your lifestyle, and finding the right one can be pretty hard. Now, more than ever, after spending a year indoors, we have learned to value having a comfortable home with all the features we need. 

My husband and I wanted an energy-efficient home, and we wanted it to have a back porch for us to sit on. We also wanted a home that would help us support the family health issues we were dealing with at the time. Even though I am in the industry, I had no clue how to find that home. 

I am Marla, the Green Home Coach, and in today’s podcast, I will introduce you to my friend, Kari Klaus, who is doing some great work in the area of green real estate. Listen in to learn more about how to find a home that has everything you want, and need.

Real estate is fluctuating

The real estate market is hot for sellers right now because there are still some very interesting potential fluctuations coming out of the pandemic with people working from home. 


There is a huge opportunity right now for those in real estate to be change agents.

Any home can become a greener home

Any home, even an older one, can become a greener home by up-leveling the lighting, systems, and appliances.


Many years ago, Kari bought a home in Arlington, Virginia. It was old and quaint but super outdated and energy inefficient. Although she renovated and updated all the appliances and electrics, she knew she would have problems marketing the property on some major sites because they do not emphasize or educate buyers about the green features of the home, like solar. That means that sellers may not get their return on investment if the buyers do not understand what is in it. People need to see the houses on the internet to know what they look like and understand how much was invested in making them comfortable and energy-efficient. 

That is what they do at RealtySage.

RealtySage Pro

People also need experts who can help explain everything. That is where the second part, RealtySage Pro, comes in. RealtySage Pro connects buyers and sellers to experience a knowledgeable real estate agent who understands all the features and systems of the home. 

The value in green homes

There is value in green homes that often gets overlooked.

A big investment

A home is one of the most important and expensive things in which we invest. Buying a house sight unseen can be a problem for people when they do not have all the information upfront. 


California has mandated zero energy-performance homes and solar. That trend will continue until it becomes the norm.

A learning curve

Consumers need to know where their houses land on the green and smart technology scale. They also need to learn about the different codes and certifications, what they stand for, and what they mean. 


Consumers can potentially save hundreds of dollars in energy costs from having solar on their properties.


Millennials are making an impact on our society right now. They are currently the largest group of home buyers. Millennials love automated homes with smart technology, and they also love living close to where they work. 

The big unknown

The post-pandemic remote work situation is the big unknown that could transform real estate significantly.

An exciting time

It is an interesting and exciting time right now with lots of potential opportunities. With so many people working from home, many commercial office buildings could convert in the future to become apartments and condos.

Have a home that supports you

Think about what is important to you. Think about having a home that supports your comfort, health, and well-being. Then, take action to make that happen. 

RealtySage Pro has a massive database

RealtySage Pro has a database of almost 150,000 real estate agents across the country to help match sellers with the right buyers. Their agents understand the value of off-grid properties and help sellers to market that.

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