Compassion Fatigue and Creating Resilience During Challenging Times with Paige Lynch, MA, LPC


The pandemic caused a great deal of stress. It stretched us and forced us to pivot quickly and change certain areas of our lives. As our communities transition through the pandemic, I hope that everyone stays safe and we reach the other side quickly. 

Before the pandemic, I had the pleasure of meeting today’s guest, Paige Lynch, for coffee. We spoke about many fascinating and relevant topics, including her work with animal rescue and her private therapy practice.   

Paige is the Compassion Fatigue Program Coordinator at Tenth Life, a cat shelter in St. Louis, Missouri. They are a rescue organization with a mission to give cats the lives they deserve, despite their limitations. In her private practice, Paige assists people in the helping profession with self-care and setting boundaries. She also leads seminars and offers resources to help those in the helping profession build resilience.

In this episode, Paige explains what goes on at Tenth Life. She also discusses the work she does as a therapist and talks about compassion fatigue. Stay tuned for more!

Paige’s Bio:

Paige Lynch, LPC

Paige Lynch is a licensed professional counselor in St. Louis City in Missouri. She earned her Masters in Counseling from Webster University in 2012 and has worked in a variety of settings. She now owns and operates her private practice, Lynch Counseling, LLC. Paige has developed her practice to include work with those in the helping professions, including animal rescue. Proper self-care, boundary setting, and self-compassion are primary components of her work with others. She has been a volunteer with local cat rescue, Tenth Life, for several years, where she has extended her practice as a therapist as their Compassion Fatigue Program Coordinator. She leads seminars on the topic and offers resources to the fosters and volunteers of Tenth Life, hoping to generate resilience and eliminate compassion fatigue so that everyone can continue the amazing work they do.

Show highlights:

  • Paige talks about all the pets she has had.
  • Paige shares how she feels after the recent passing of her cat, Chester.
  • How pets can help us and ground us in times of change.
  • Paige discusses her therapy practice, the people she works with, and the kind of work she does to help them.
  • Paige defines compassion fatigue and explains how it affects people.
  • The difference between the symptoms of compassion fatigue and those of burnout.
  • Paige explains what Tenth Life is all about. She talks about their approach and what they do there.
  • How to know if you have enough love- and money, to take care of a special needs animal.
  • Follow your mission, but know your boundaries.
  • What to do if you find a lost pet.
  • Learning to practice self-care.
  • Paige shares her goals for the future.
  • What you can do to help Tenth Life.

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