Beliefs, Values, and Traditions


Most of us do not realize how often our beliefs, values, and traditions play out in our lives because they are so deeply entrenched. 

Working with sustainability and green over the years has taught me a lot about people. I have learned how much our beliefs, values, and even our traditions impact the way we live our lives and how the way we live connects with climate change and sustainability. 

I am Marla, the Green Home Coach. Today, I will be focusing on beliefs, values, and the traditions we tend to adopt. I will offer you some alternative perspectives for looking at your home and living in it. I will also explain how the way you think impacts the way you live. 

Thinking is changing

Mainstream thinking is changing. Ideas around what people consider green, eco-friendly, and environmentally friendly have advanced over the last decade.

Raising awareness

Climate change, social injustice, and wastage affect all of us. Chemicals, toxicity, and polluted air impact our health, and when things in our homes are off-gassing, that can make us sick. That is why I have become more and more committed, over the years, to raising awareness around those issues.

Writing about what matters

Over the last ten or twelve years, I have written many articles about what matters to me, like committing to using sustainable building practices and making sure we have comfortable and healthy homes in which to live. Recently, I felt honored when the National Association of Home Builders asked me to write a piece for their blog. 

Living green

Living green involves our common sense, making mindful choices, and using whatever we have wisely. We need to remember that our choices influence everyone around us and the environment in which we live. 

Getting your beliefs and values to work for you

Getting your beliefs and values to work for you starts with a personal evaluation. For your home, the first step is to understand that your home influences not only you but your entire community. 

Give yourself some grace

You cannot do everything right all the time, and none of us are perfect. So learn to be okay with doing whatever you can as much as you can. I do my best to follow how I want to do things 80% of the time and give myself grace for the other 20%. Remember that you also need to give grace to others.

A good example

I strive to be a good example. I have worked hard to be an example to my children and others in my family.

Get to know what you believe in and value

Get to know your beliefs and your three most important values. Then, take action and do whatever you can to live up to what you believe and value.

Helping people 

Helping people has always been part of my life. Part of the reason I became the Green Home Coach was to help people like you learn how to help yourself so that you can help others do the same. 

Sharing your superpowers

Sharing your superpowers is helpful to others and very rewarding! 

A better way

Become aware of better ways to do things so that you can live a healthier and more comfortable life in your home.


I have worked hard to come up with ways to reduce the amount of waste in my home. I am still working towards finding out how to waste less time, however!

My book

A few years ago, I wrote a book called Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices for a Better Home. I loved having the opportunity to put my beliefs into action! None of the basic concepts in the book have changed since I wrote it. You can ask to join my Facebook group to see a video synopsis of each chapter.

Things you bring into your home

Everything you bring into your home should be made from natural, sustainable (renewable), or responsible materials.

Start small

When you decide to take action, start small. Pick three things that you can do better, and stick with them. (I chose to use only LED lightbulbs, green cleaning products, and tree-free toilet paper in my home.)

Stay in line with what you believe   

Make sure that every decision you make for your home stays in line with what you believe and value. 

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