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Green as You Go…

“The whole idea of green can be done one choice at a time” which is basically what Marla’s book Living Green Effortlessly: Simple Choices for a Better Home, is about. Marla and Tony agree that it’s not just about radical “tree-hugger” kind of stuff but everyday simple choices. Tony wants folks to know that making simple changes can … Continue reading Green as You Go…

PACE Financing for Home Energy

Theresa Garza joins us to gab about the HERO program, a way to help home and property owners make energy efficient home improvements and help finance them in a new way.  The HERO program is launching in Missouri in 2017 and utilizes PACE financing. PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy is a way to finance energy … Continue reading PACE Financing for Home Energy

Walking the Talk…

Millennials are paying close attention to the stories behind the brands, companies, manufacturers and builders they patronize. Before purchasing, consumers today are more apt to research a company’s values and how those values affect the way they conduct business. Millennials tend to choose products, brands and businesses that are involved in the betterment of struggling … Continue reading Walking the Talk…

Stuff that Makes a House a Home

The stuff our homes are made of has changed as the world has become a smaller place.  While houses used to be built from whatever was available, usually locally, materials now may come from anywhere and everywhere.  Using resources – materials and products – wisely is a key practice of green building and includes practices … Continue reading Stuff that Makes a House a Home

You Can’t Manage It Unless You Measure It – A Visit with Wistar Wood from WegoWise

Wistar Wood, Chief Sales Officer for WegoWise, explains the meaning behind the name WegoWise, a web-based, company that tracks a property’s utility data, mainly water, electric, gas, and oil. Using an intuitive software platform, the company provides insight into a building’s energy and water efficiency, enabling building owners and property managers to achieve immediate and … Continue reading You Can’t Manage It Unless You Measure It – A Visit with Wistar Wood from WegoWise

Green Interiors – a Visit with Erica Reiner from E. Leigh Designs

Erica Reiner with E. Leigh Designs, specializes in eco-friendly and non-toxic interior designs for every style and budget. Owner and creator of the Los Angeles based, interior design studio, Erica formed her business to help people create ideal residential, retail and commercial spaces. Because of her environmental expertise she made a targeted and purposeful effort … Continue reading Green Interiors – a Visit with Erica Reiner from E. Leigh Designs

Financing Your Green Dream Home

Gabbing about financing for green home projects with Trisha McConkey of Associated Bank on the Green Gab. Trisha and Associated Bank’s experience and expertise with mortgages and loans help homeowners to finance their dream home, especially a green home.   All types of home projects may qualify for green consideration – new construction, renovations to a … Continue reading Financing Your Green Dream Home

Water – Just Use What We Need

Because water is a limited resource which we cannot live without, it’s vital we keep learning and remembering to use water wisely. As water is integrated into almost every part of our lives and is used in almost everything we manufacture, water affects us on every level. And because water is so affordable and readily … Continue reading Water – Just Use What We Need