The Podcast Bug

The Podcast Bug - What The HELL is This Thing?

“What The Hell IS This Thing?”

The hardest problem to solve, especially at public events, is to get people to stop, and talk to you about your effort. There’s one true, completely-automomous mobile recording solution that’ll have every head turning your way anywhere it goes.

“I Can’t Believe How Beautiful It Is…”

Whether it’s a podcast, a company, a charity or znything that wants to talk to people around them capture it – and create some of the best one-of-a-kind online content for your effort with “The Podcast Bug!”

A Showcar, 4 Studio Mics and Audio Capture Magic!

“I Used To Have One Of These When I Was A Kid…”

Our Podcast Bug has captured feedback from movie audiences, fellow podcasters at conventions, vendor information sessions at large national events and has served as a centerpiece for TED-Talk-like events at a variety of venues across the midwest!

Ready have an Award-winning, 1974. Show-quality Custom Volkswagen Superbeetle with a Podcast Recording Studio Built into The Front as the calling card for your podcast, business, organization or effort?

Head-turning, Podcast Capture Action - a 1974 Custom Super Beetle with a Recording Studio Built into the Front.... The Podcast Bug.

“Where’s The Engine At, Dude?”

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