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Our Review of “Double Exposure” – Episode 21

  Photographs can foster warm feelings, memories and love. They can also be the centerpiece of ill will, harbored jealousy and MURDER. A camera that delivers photographs surely isn’t evil – it’s only capturing the people, objects and scenes it’s point at, right? Well – what if the camera WAS “evil” – cursed even? What … Continue reading Our Review of “Double Exposure” – Episode 21

Reboots, Reimaginings & Alternate Realities

Long running film, television and comic book series all have the same problem. How do they keep their properties fresh? There’s a laundry list of possible story ideas that could be used, but which ones will satisfy the fans? How creatively drastic to they need to get win us over? It doesn’t matter if it’s a … Continue reading Reboots, Reimaginings & Alternate Realities