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Our Review Of “Vanity’s Mirror” – Episode 15

The regularly-occurring high school dance, is always a time of stress, raging hormones and angst, and inside the 15th episode of Season 1 of Friday The 13th: The Series – the trend continues. All because of a very special compact – made of gold. Valuable to be sure, but also cursed. Those who are woo’d … Continue reading Our Review Of “Vanity’s Mirror” – Episode 15

Comic Event Fatigue!

This will change things…FOREVER! It’s phrases like that which grab a comic book readers attention. When we’re told that a character that we’ve grown up loving for so long is going to be put through a core shaking, life altering event, we grow concerned. What could possibly bend the unbendable, break the unbreakable? Three words … Continue reading Comic Event Fatigue!

Our Review Of “The Baron’s Bride” – Episode 13

The binding of lives and blood has always been a strong storytelling mechanism in history. Whether it’s forging the brotherhood of gangsters, of warriors prepared for battle or – the perpetual joining of lives in the realm of VAMPIRES – blood is the centerpiece of drama unfolding. This time the blood is part of the … Continue reading Our Review Of “The Baron’s Bride” – Episode 13

Our Most Wanted – Maggott

  Spider-Man. Batman. Spawn. Wonder Woman. Doctor Doom. Savage Dragon. The Flash. Captain Marvel. Some comic book characters need no introduction. They’ve been around so long or have gotten so much media attention, just seeing an image of them brings thoughts of their origins, their greatest victories and most crushing defeats. Then there are those … Continue reading Our Most Wanted – Maggott

Elseworlds and What Ifs?

Alternate Realities. Parallel Universes. Infinite Multiverses. These concepts have become a staple of the modern day superhero comic book story. With series like DC’s Elseworlds and Marvel’s What If…?, readers get the opportunity to see their favorite characters, stories and events play out differently than they had seen before. Questions can be asked, such as … Continue reading Elseworlds and What Ifs?

Our Review of “Root Of All Evil” – Episode 9

It’s been said that you can’t squeeze blood from a stone, but what if you could shred blood, bone and soul and turn it into darkly enchanted cash? The next item up for rescue inside of Friday the 13th: The Series is a hell harken woodchipper! The kind that can easily accommodate a body and … Continue reading Our Review of “Root Of All Evil” – Episode 9

Our Review of “Shadow Boxer” – Episode 8

The fight game has always been an interesting one. Whether it be traditional boxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu or in many cases, wrestling, the personalities, legends and tales of the events of structure combat with two fighters throwing down makes for exciting times – until the gloves that the fighter wears – are gloves that kill. … Continue reading Our Review of “Shadow Boxer” – Episode 8

Our Review of “Doctor Jack” – Episode 7

Everyone’s got a fear of hospitals. The unknown. The fright that comes from a procedure and place that always has an unknown x-factor. But what if that nondescript operation to fix your whatever – was being completed utilizing the scalpel – of Jack the Ripper? While it might sound dire, and a bit over the … Continue reading Our Review of “Doctor Jack” – Episode 7

Observe & Report – The Arrowverse!

Adapting comic book characters into live action can be hard. Are the colorful costumes going to look right in real life? Will the over the top heroics be believable outside of the comics page? Can special effects fool audiences into believing a man can fly? Comic book properties are a hot commodity for both television … Continue reading Observe & Report – The Arrowverse!

Our Review of “The Great Montarro” – Episode 6

The acts that stage magicians put on are often spellbinding. They make us doubt our eyes, and want to wipe the cobwebs from our sense to explain what we’ve just witnessed. Whether it’s simply producing a bouquet of flowers, or defying the sure doom that awaits inside a modern day Iron Maiden, one thing is … Continue reading Our Review of “The Great Montarro” – Episode 6