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Season 6, Episode 4 “Code Yellow” – Reviewed!

  This – is a TRIGGER WARNING! We want to issue a different kind of alert to all that are listening! If you are showcased in this episode with either overly-animated vocabulary or a required penchant for “going live” – BEWARE! We’re going to lay the hate on thick inside THIS – The Agents of … Continue reading Season 6, Episode 4 “Code Yellow” – Reviewed!

Our Review of “The Pirate’s Promise” – Episode 22

  The fog. It’s one of the most mesmerizing meteorological events on the planet. While there are scientific reasons for it, the fact is that when the fog is utilized inside of modern American cinema – it’s all the more delicious. What could add an extra flavor the the tasty bounty of fog? A foghorn, … Continue reading Our Review of “The Pirate’s Promise” – Episode 22

Christine (1983) – A Perspective Review

  The color – Red. The Make – Plymouth. The value – Awesome. In 1983 there were a lot of big things goin’ on. Hair. Neon colored clothes. The expectations of your woodshop instructor. The other big thing that was going on, during the summer of 1983 – was a little movie, about a really … Continue reading Christine (1983) – A Perspective Review

Cut The Crap Movie Review – Halloween (2018)

In the age of reboots, remakes and reimaginings, a very crucial piece of storytelling is, most of the time, overlooked…Legacy. When writers and filmmakers ignore the legacy of the horror property they intend to “refresh”, the end product usually ends up a rehash of an old story with updated effects. That’s NOT what fans want! … Continue reading Cut The Crap Movie Review – Halloween (2018)

What is 2GuysTalkingHorror?

It is a genre that transcends age, sex, color and culture. It can be found in literature, art, music, and film all over the world. Whether it’s located in the blade of an all too real attacker or the razor clawed glove of a sadistic dream demon, the end result is the same…Horror! The mounting … Continue reading What is 2GuysTalkingHorror?