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Lethal Listings – 13 Must Watch Horror Films

Throughout the history of film, there have been hundreds of horror movies, but only a few rise to the top. Everything is subjective. Your taste in movies is definitely one of them. They may not be the scariest, they may not be the bloodiest, but everybody has a list of those films you just have … Continue reading Lethal Listings – 13 Must Watch Horror Films

A Crash Course in Horror Part 1

When it comes to tracing the roots of the horror genre, one need not look any further than their local library. The foundation of everything we know and love about horror can be found in the pages of some of the greatest literary works. It’s also no surprise that most of the classic horror films … Continue reading A Crash Course in Horror Part 1

What is 2GuysTalkingHorror?

It is a genre that transcends age, sex, color and culture. It can be found in literature, art, music, and film all over the world. Whether it’s located in the blade of an all too real attacker or the razor clawed glove of a sadistic dream demon, the end result is the same…Horror! The mounting … Continue reading What is 2GuysTalkingHorror?