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Top Ten Favorite Announcements From SDCC 2019

  San Diego Comic Con. THE comic book, film, television and pop culture event of the year. For some, a yearly chance to let their geek flag fly. For others, a live altering experience like no other. For most, an unattainable goal, an unreachable star.  If you find yourself in the later section, like we … Continue reading Top Ten Favorite Announcements From SDCC 2019

Comic Event Fatigue!

This will change things…FOREVER! It’s phrases like that which grab a comic book readers attention. When we’re told that a character that we’ve grown up loving for so long is going to be put through a core shaking, life altering event, we grow concerned. What could possibly bend the unbendable, break the unbreakable? Three words … Continue reading Comic Event Fatigue!

Elseworlds and What Ifs?

Alternate Realities. Parallel Universes. Infinite Multiverses. These concepts have become a staple of the modern day superhero comic book story. With series like DC’s Elseworlds and Marvel’s What If…?, readers get the opportunity to see their favorite characters, stories and events play out differently than they had seen before. Questions can be asked, such as … Continue reading Elseworlds and What Ifs?

Our Giant-Size Annual!

Comic book annuals have been around for a long time, but the attention they receive, especially today, are a mixed bag, compared to their ongoing titles. At their height, annuals cronicalled the most important stories of our favorite characters. And at their lowest… filler stories given to “new” talent to test their skills. To comic … Continue reading Our Giant-Size Annual!

V for Vendetta (The Graphic Novel) VERSUS V for Vendetta (The 2005 Movie)

Remember, remember, The Versus Machine Podcast in November – and the New Year! Don’t miss out on OUR contrast and comparison session of V for Vendetta (The Graphic Novel) VERSUS V For Vendetta (the feature film from 2005) tonite! Tell us what YOU think here and we’ll include details inside our ALL FAN INPUT later … Continue reading V for Vendetta (The Graphic Novel) VERSUS V for Vendetta (The 2005 Movie)

Revamping Bat-Villains

When it comes to super villains in comic books, the norm for the longest time was make them colorful looking so they pop of the page and don’t give them too complicated of a backstory. Simple and eye catching. Once television and animation became a factor, comic book fans were seeing their favorite characters acted … Continue reading Revamping Bat-Villains

Watchmen (The Graphic Novel) VERSUS Watchmen (The 2009 Movie)

Graphic novels and graphic novel movies have been a staple of American culture since the golden age of comics. They have steadily become the most interesting and hotly debated of cinematic exploits. To talk about a time when movies made us feel like we knew superheroes is to talk about a time when cinema ruled … Continue reading Watchmen (The Graphic Novel) VERSUS Watchmen (The 2009 Movie)

The Changing World Of Comics

At one point in time, the only way to enjoy your comic books was to sit down, hold them in your hands and turn the pages. Then, when it was time to put them away, you got up, grabbed a poly bag and board, slid your comic in and put it away, preferably in a … Continue reading The Changing World Of Comics