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Our Review of “Root Of All Evil” – Episode 9

It’s been said that you can’t squeeze blood from a stone, but what if you could shred blood, bone and soul and turn it into darkly enchanted cash? The next item up for rescue inside of Friday the 13th: The Series is a hell harken woodchipper! The kind that can easily accommodate a body and … Continue reading Our Review of “Root Of All Evil” – Episode 9

Christine (1983) – A Perspective Review

  The color – Red. The Make – Plymouth. The value – Awesome. In 1983 there were a lot of big things goin’ on. Hair. Neon colored clothes. The expectations of your woodshop instructor. The other big thing that was going on, during the summer of 1983 – was a little movie, about a really … Continue reading Christine (1983) – A Perspective Review