Commited: 100%


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It’s a pretty simple concept: You’re either commited to a conviction, or you aren’t. In Small Business, while you can have an array of “tasks” and “responsbilities”, what you truly can’t afford is to not be 100% Commited. The concept of “doing whatever it takes”, isn’t just a sample of a promise to yourself, it’s a sample to others around you (in particular, those who do business with you and those who will consider doing business with you) that you are not only doing what you say you’ll do but – that you’re unwavering when it comes to meeting the goals and plans established in personal and business circles. But make NO MISTAKE about it: This is about BUSINESS. Small Business, and it’s time for The Small Business Saturdays Podcast with Aaron Montgomery who’s here to explain this concept for you to allow your business to fly sky high!

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