Boarded Up and Protected from Irma, Jose & Whatever May Come…

FLASH ACTION MESSAGE FROM The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project HQ!

2017 continues to power through! To date, our Sweet Dreams Pillow Project is proud to have made more than 12,000 pillows to date, that have arrived in the tiny hands of the children of those serving across the globe, from every single branch of the United States Military.

2017 has also featured something else that has recently powered through south Floria, where The Sweet Dreams Pillow Project calls home. Our evacuartion from our home means that we’re putting pillow production on hold, but – do not worry! Just as the sun will shine soon, so will the sweet miles of your children who receive their pillows!

Stop back again soon and as always, our thanks to all of the volunteers that make this project continue to make a difference in the lives of children – but more importantly – our thanks to ALL of you serving bravely in The United States Military. We have so much appreciation for you, your efforts and for the sacrifices you and your families make to make freedom ring.

— The Stoefflers, from a Safe Location

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