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Abdominal Trauma in Sports - Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast

Abdominal Trauma in Sports

  Athletes sustain all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries. I’d put good money that most athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians feel pretty comfortable evaluating an ankle, knee or shoulder. But what happens when the trauma is to the abdomen? How confident do you feel in identifying something that may be brewing to one of the … Continue reading Abdominal Trauma in Sports

2GTHorror - Talk About Terrifying: Blood Suckers

Talk About Terrifying: Blood Suckers

  There’s a saying that goes “The only thing certain in life is death and taxes!” Unless, of course, you’re an immortal vampire! Have YOU ever thought about living…forever? While it sound appealing, there are a few drawbacks… No reflection, no love for garlic, only being able to work overnights, and of course…the pesky, undeniable … Continue reading Talk About Terrifying: Blood Suckers