Monthly Archives: June 2018

We’ve Got Some Stones!

  That’s a nice collection of stones ‘ya got there. Power! Space! Reality! Time! Soul! Mind! What do they do? Where are they? Who has them? Which one is the prettiest? What’s the difference between the comics’ gems and the movies’ stones? Our OGs have stones ‘aplenty and are here to share them with you! Listen … Continue reading We’ve Got Some Stones!

Welcome to My Big Fat Pull List!

  With all the tv shows, movies, cartoons and video games using comic book related stories, it can be a near-impossible task to navigate and understand them all. That’s where WE come in. Mister X! A walking comic book database with a specific love for ALL things mutant! Pistol Danger! A man of action, fueled … Continue reading Welcome to My Big Fat Pull List!

How to Start Solving Homelessness…

Homelessness – What does it mean to YOU? You might think that you’ve got a solid idea of what “homeless” means, but the subject is a lot wider than you think. When it comes to homelessness, there’s even a larger question – how do we SOLVE IT? Join WadeSense Host Wade B. Olson as he … Continue reading How to Start Solving Homelessness…